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Everything you see in the acrylic has been entirely hand carved inside the block.  Nothing is inserted.

Using a foredom electric drill and different drill bits, the back and the under part of the acrylic block is carved into by the artist to create the effects, the textures and the required dimensions.  Once the textures are ready, the artist returns to the carved  cavities to paint  with small brushes, pipe cleaners and fingers.
Each piece of art is original and unique.  All the sculptures created are signed, identified and numbered by the artist.
The acrylic used has been treated against sun rays, is as pure as crystal and will never yellow.
To highlight the sparkling beauty of the sculptured piece of art it is of the utmost importance that your lighting be adequate to appreciate the luminosity and the intricate details of the sculpture.  A 20 watts halogen lamp shining down on the sculpture is recommended for a small piece. Some of the sculptures have a light underneath
To clean your sculpture spray lightly with "pledge" furniture polish and with a very soft cloth polish it to admiration.

1. Acrylic comes in sheet 4' x 7' x 2" thick.

2. It is cut in different sizes.

3. The sheet is cut into small pieces on the table saw and some angles are also made to give different reflections on the block

4. The next step is to give the shape to the block on the band saw.

5. Once cut in different sizes it is then sanded with  4 different grits of sand paper.

6. The piece of Acrylic is polished with Tripoli Compound abrasive on the buffer.

7. At the buffer.

8. Chiseling is done where needed on the edges of angles to promote effect and reflection.

9. Gilles array of  tools.

10. A small sketch is made on the back of the acrylic and the carving process begins.

11. The paint is done with small brushes, pipe cleaners and fingers.

12. Gilles at the bench.