We are sorry, there are no sculptures available.  Gilles Passed away on September 29, 2016 after a 5 month fight against a brain tumor called GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORM.  We still have prints available from his paintings.  Please give me a call if you need a print and pricing for diffirent sizes and format.  You can reach me at (239) 775-7041 or E-mail me at:  huguette@gillespeltier.com


20" x 24" on canvas or Aluminum $300.00  - $ 450.00.  See also the ARTWORK section for more selection.

On the computer with a pad and a pen, Gilles had created a landscape and environment using Digital Art.  He then incorporated his birds, fish and other subjects that he had previously carved in the acrylic over the years, creating a new and impressive 2-D image reminiscent of his popular and well know Acrylic creations.  These memorable and unique images are printed on Aluminum or Canvas. This is a complement to his sculptures and it opens a new market in his memory. Here are some samples of the finished work.  Click on the picture to see the number and the title of the Artwork. A limited edition of 150 prints will be made of each of his drawings.

Any size can be printed on Canvas or Aluminum, please let us know your preference and  we will get back to you ASAP for pricing and delivery.


Artist, sculptor in acrylic, painter